JS pottery is a result of a recession that occurred in the 1970's.  Jack Sexton made the decision to return to school due to the economic downturn.  A Bachelor of Arts degree was his goal.  The ceramics department of college was the last place he wanted to participate, but the degree required that course.  Jack found himself determined not to let a one pound lump of clay get the best of him and J​S Pottery began to evolve.

Grace Carr met Jack in 1987 and began her apprenticeship with JS Pottery at Spencer Mountain.  She had spent most of her life crafting and decorating, taking many different classes.  Her goal was to have a place to create and sell the creations.  She quickly realized that clay was a medium that gave her the opportunity to utilize all the different phases of crafting that she spent her lifetime studying

JS Pottery has moved many times and continued to grow and evolve.  During the years spent on North Main St., Lowell, NC it became one of the beginning attractions for Gaston County Department of Tourism's "Magnolia Tour".  In 1996 JS Pottery was presented "The Magnolia Blossom Award" for being a business that worked diligently to promote Gaston County and it's local businesses.

In 2004 JS Pottery was presented The Belmont, NC Chamber of Commerce "Business of the Year" award.

​In 2008 we opened our studio in Stanley, NC and began to offer retail at

Gaston Pickers



Jack left home to work in a production pottery in Macon, Ga.  This is where he perfected the technique he uses to turn.  Jack left Macon and headed to Myrtle Beach, SC where he gave turning demonstrations for thousands of guests at Waccamaw Pottery. JS Pottery officially began in 1980 at Myrtle Beach.  He made a decision to return to his hometown, in Gaston County, NC where he opened his studio in Smyre.  JS Pottery soon moved to a beautiful space on Spencer Mountain, NC at Laurel Hill Nursery.